Patty  leading a small group discussion after the formal screening of Service on the hill. 

 Patty  leading a small group discussion after the formal screening of Service on the hill. 

 In an effort to bridge the gap between civilians and a marginalized volunteer military,  Stotter  launched several writing/performance projects under the aegis  GETTING UNDER YOUR SKIN. She has since expanded the focus of these groups to include any groups in conflict. 





To those taking part in our writing group—it has been inspiring to watch such a diverse, vibrant group of people, who may never have otherwise met, forge deeply personal bonds through sharing individual stories. The creative work that this group has produced is a testament to how empowering our stories can be, in spreading awareness, spurring empathy, and giving often ignored voices the chance to be heard. All we need are more rooms like the one we have met in these past weeks, so that this kind of dynamic sharing can take place on an even larger scale. Stories overpower the fracturing limitations of our society’s social, economic, and racial disparity. The stories are within all of us, ready and waiting. With greater resources, we can open more doors to rooms in which groups like ours can flourish. Everyone should have access to rooms in which revolutionary sharing can take place. As we take our collective work to an audience for the first time, I’d like to thank our participants for their strength in sharing their most private stories. Out of isolation and otherness, we’ve created a rich, fertile collective whose voices will be heard”
— Patricia Lee Stotter

Patricia is proud to be on the advisory board of Protect our Defenders. 


Protect Our Defenders (POD) is the only national organization solely dedicated to addressing the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military and to combating a culture of pervasive sexual harassment and retribution against victims. We honor, support and give voice to survivors of military sexual assault – including both service members and civilians assaulted by members of the military.

We seek reform to ensure all survivors have access to a fair, impartially administered system of justice.